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  1. Hi I’ve been scammed out of £265 to They claim to sell majuana legitimately online in the uk and USA. I paid by bank transfer. Can I contact their bank, I have their details. They said it would arrive in 3 days, on the third day I had a notice from delivery provider saying I would have to pay a further £400 to get this ‘medical majuana’ released and delivered. I didn’t pay. Can you give me any advice how I can make life difficult for mellowcannabis. ?

  2. Looks like they are doing well, as i’m just been done for £265 … and joined the “stupid” club

    Sam @-Management
    Mellow Cannabis Dispensary UK
    Bradford, United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 1274 79 2470

    The so called courier company was Reliable Priority Express Delivery asking for £400 and get back £396 (really!) and needed it sent to an individual via MoneyGram or Weston Union.

  3. Hi. One eye here…I got hit by them (see above).I didn’t pay the £400. I contacted my bank and explained what happened. They in turn contacted Lloyds bank and the result is that the mellowcannibas account is frozen. My bank have managed a refund for me, it will take 20 working days. As soon as the account was frozen Sam the manager of mellow cannabis contacted me and said he would refund my £255 if I asked my bank to lift the hold on their bank. I didn’t do that. Instead I was polite and had a lot of email conversations with him. Then were worried for sure. If the hold was released they would move the money. They are African I think. Sounded like it on the phone.
    Now you must immediately contact your bank and do as I did. It’s the only way to shut these scammers down. Good luck. Let me know how you get on.

    • Thanks for the info one eye.
      I made a mistake of using crypto-currency … you live and you learn!
      However i’m keen to cause them as much hassle as possible and will report them to the fraud police.

      • I told them I was buying a herbal medicine! When they asked more I said it was a Marijuana product containing CBD. Basically I was honest. The bottom line is that mellow cannabis are committing fraud. I can’t understand that they are continuing because my bank told me that Lloyds had frozen their account to stop them moving money.How much did you invest? Did you pay the £400?

    • They are Beninese. complete shit. i found this info on them i think they are behind too. but don’t know how to push it further.

      Domain name: High THC Cannabis sprays.

      zinsou damien kintonouza

      Registrant’s address:
      31 holmshaw close
      SE26 4TH
      United Kingdom

      Data validation:
      Nominet was able to match the registrant’s name and address against a 3rd party data source on 25-Nov-2017

      TUCOWS Inc t/a TUCOWS [Tag = TUCOWS-CA]

      • Hi. Seems you have done well trying to uncover those scamming bastards. I eventually recieved a reply from my bank informing me that Lloyds Bank have refunded me £5.99!!! That was all that was left on the account those guys used. I have lost and written off £255 and will never try too buy online again.
        Take care and good luck.

  4. scammed me. On wickr too under ukweedonline when they thought I was a new customer responded within 1min. Soon as I said I was chasing order suddenly nothing. Clearly a scam. Be careful out there. Until it’s legalised there will always be criminals wanting to take advantage.

    • ive just been scammed by ukweedonline for £250. sent emails before payment and they answered me next day. sent payment and have heard nothing for two weeks. now not answering any emails and obviously no weed. sent a new email from a different address with a potential order and they answer straight away……total scam


    • Hi MD. looks like a lot of us got scammed, me to the tune of 254 quid. i would love to be able to get info on a reputable supplier of herbal. Gaz

      • do me a favour please. done ever send me emails . i wouldn’t trust the pope if he had clearance from the British government anymore. i’m done Gaz

    • Do you know of any of these right people?? I was just about to order from that mellow cannabis site when something told me to google them and it brought me to all these reviews. I’m so sorry so many people have been scammed by these cretins. I am in desperate need of cannabis oil (or Rick Simpson oil) for pain relief but now I dont know where to turn to get some as I can’t afford to be scammed. Any ideas how to get to know the right people?? I’m in UK and can provide my email if anyone can help. Like many of us here, I desperately need it for a genuine medical reason but I don’t know who to trust now 🙁

  5. Arrrgh…. said it was legal —-Got scammed by them- bought vape pens as I suffer migraines- I’m soooo angry …….calling bank in the am and will report as suggested hxxps://

  6. I wish I had read this site first. I thought a UK site like could be trusted.
    So I was stupid as well – I did not do not do enough research – the website was so convincing, although the shipping one was obviously suspect. A clever and slick scam preying on our trust – I had forgotten the human nature of greed and betrayal. They got me with money transfer – I will report to my bank as well.

  7. I nearly got ripped off before I came to my senses and searched for a review and found this. The only way to buy real weed in the UK is in person and if, like me, you can’t do this without driving 50 miles and giving some dude a lift to 3 different locations which I’m not prepared to do then life sucks.

  8. Thank you everyone for leaving reviews, you just save me from been scammed. I was about to purchase and decided to read reviews first. Lo and behold, I came across this.
    If anyone has any links in the east London area please share.

  9. Cannabis is illegal in UK. There is no legal way to buy it online or in real life. I know it is said the police turn a blind eye to small amounts for personal possession, but don’t rely on it. Don’t fall for these scams by professional criminals. They will just take your money, relying on you being unable to complain because you have “allegedly” committed a crime by attempting to buy an illegal substance.

    • You CAN buy cannabis legally in the UK from dispensaries selling less than 0.2% THC and majority CBD flower or extracts. I have bought it openly on high streets in London for my chronic pain and insomnia. I did get scammed by someone using Lexel Logistics. I only ordered the weed online because I was in so much pain I could barely walk to travel to a dealer and was about to go in to surgery being unable to take regular painkillers because I react REALLY badly to them (vomiting, palpitations etc)

  10. I just been scammed too by the herbal clinic £367, and I nearly used mellow cannabis one as well. Got worried when bitcoin payment had been sent but order showed as awaiting payment all weekend. Then this morning couldn’t get on website. Friend shared this page to me. Wish I had seen this first. Wish I hadn’t been in so much pain to try buying medical marijuana. Credit card company won’t refund me cos illegal, so expensive mistake.have reported it to action fraud.

    • Just to clarify I wasn’t aware I was being scammed or that buying medical marijuana from a herbal company was illegal until my friend told me about the scam as described on this page which she sent to me. I used bitcoin because that’s the only payment they accepted and clicked on the link the as I now know scammers/fraudsters provided to Coinbase to buy the buttons in order to pay. I believe Coinbase to be involved in this scam somehow as they also refuse to refund. They also refuse to return the remaining balance back to the credit card. The credit card is refusing to reimburse my money and has blocked future transactions, which included my grocery order which they said they wouldn’t block but did, but then they allowed a further 2 unknown to me fraudulent transactions….So they can block a valid transaction but not the fraudulent ones…doesn’t make sense. They had already blocked my card apparently before I reported being scammed because they suspected fraud……yet seems no protection from being scammed, even though reported to police.

  11. Yep Donuts R Us….. scammed out of 254 for my sins. “” i have managed to trace their name and address via their stupidity. will report to actionfraud. Dohh !

  12. Hello

    I have also been scammed by mellow-cannabis for quite a hefty amount. I have already gotten my money back and I can help you get yours too. I am building a case against them and when I have sufficient evidence I will take it to the right people. It’s disgusting they are taking advantage of people in medical need

    If you have been scammed by them and want helonand advice and any info you have is appreciated please email me at

    email removed


  13. Sammy, why are you spamming the same thing everywhere? if someone wants your help, they can see your post and contact you. posting it continuously makes you look like a SCAMMER too mate!

    • Don’t mean for it to come
      Across like that. Just sick of people that take advantage of people that are in medical need. I genuinely have helped about 6 others get their money back. I have even been contacted by the bbc to go on radio and share my story and give advice on how to get money back (can show you the emails, comes direct from an @bbc address, also spoke on phone with them)

      Apologies if it came across that way just looking to help

      • Sammy, and that’s great but you do realise that because everyone here is pretty much anonymous, your “offer” is no different to any other “online Seller”, with no way to confirm you are who you say you are or that your “bbc” emails are real or will actually come to anything. why not post the link of your radio interview/broadcast if it ever materialises, then you would appear more legitimate.

        if your offer of help is truly to get someone’s money back, that’s what action fraud and banks already do, so how is your help different to known and well established entities?

        I’m not having a go at you, mate, just explaining that if it were me, I would not trust ANYONE here offering herb or help.

        • Nah I fully get that bro. I don’t ask for anyone’s personal details or logins or anything like that. Give me an email and il happily sent screenshots of the emails from the person who
          Works for the bbc and that

    • All purchases of cannabis in UK are illegal whether online, offline, via a website or via the dark net. All online purchases or attempted purchases are liable to carry a very high risk of being a scam or fraudulent. This equally applies to Dark net purchases as well.

          • Sammy, when you are trying to help victims get their money back, please don’t suggest other illegal activities. Whether anybody likes it or not, the purchase and consumption of cannabis in the UK is currently illegal. Please do not suggest ways of breaking the law. The Dark net is as bad if not worse for scammer, crooks and criminals when it comes to buying anything.

          • Guys I have recently been scammed by Sammy and his so trusted dealer radarbreeder912 just ignore them. Not worthed just waste of time, just pick up from your local dealer until UK is legal 🙂

  14. ** WARNING **

    Do not trust ANYONE trying to help, especially on this forum – I agree with most of these comments about scammers (especially via darknet / DMs)

    If you’ve paid my bank transfer, then talk to your bank about stopping / reversing the transaction. If you’ve used other forms of payment e.g. BitCoin then unfortunately there is virtually no hope of recovering your money.

    I got hit by mellow-cannibis, the fact it’s illegal is all part of the scam.
    I’m very dubious about people trying to help also … unless they are willing to share how to get your money back, otherwise i suspect phising for your personal details.

    Good luck out there!

    • I will Stress again that the only safe people to contact about this are Action Fraud who will help you or at least add your details to the others that have been scammed by these criminals. Yes you attempted to commit an illegal act in trying to buy cannabis. As far as I am aware Action Fraud and the Police authorities won’t be interested in taking any action against you but will help you pursue the criminals committing these major frauds.

  15. Mellow cannabis UK. Don’t go near them!!! Same sorry story, bought an oz then got the ‘you need to pay £400 to repackage your parcel through customs’ bullshit email. I kinda suspected it was a scam from the off, you just can’t buy it on line. More fool me. There are a lot of similar sites to theirs too, I suspect it’s the same people behind them all. I long for the day it’s decriminalised, that’s the only way to stop these tw:ts

    • All online sales of cannabis are currently illegal in UK and many other countries. A high proportion of sites are scams. We do not advise anybody to attempt to buy any illegal substance online or offline.

  16. Hi, has anyone tried (legal cannabis dispensary) yet? I’ve placed an order and now I’ve to make the payment through western union or bitcoin. Trying to find some reviews on them before I part with my hard earned cash. Thanks

  17. Hi, has anyone tried (legal cannabis dispensary) yet? I’ve placed an order and now I’ve to make the payment through western union or bitcoin. Trying to find some reviews on them before I part with my hard earned cash. Thanks

    • It’s 99.99999999999% to be a scam unless the HTC is < 2%
      Cannbis is NOT legal in the UK at the moment, regardless what you hear.

      If you have to pay with money transfer or bitcoin then you have to question why!!!! It’s a scam

  18. I just wanted to say to people worried about contacting the police, there is no need to worry at all, you are the victim, not the criminal. The scammers are relying on the fact that most people will not bother reporting it to the police, due to fear of prosecution. Do your own research, attempting to buy drugs is not illegal in the UK! Only possession and supply/dealing is illegal, trying to purchase (and even taking/consuming) drugs is not actually against the law.

    • I sure hope you are right. I have just submitted my report to Western Union as I have lost absolutely everything as a result of this scam. I have aspergers syndrom, several chronc health conditions and am in constant pain. I accepted the offer after a week of being harassed by a dealer because I wa sabout to go into surgery and knew I couldn’t stomach the painkillers. I wasn’t even prescribed anything when they discharged me. I lost my home, my long term partner, my sanity (I have attempted suicide and self harmed. didn’t eat for two weeks), most of my possessions. I lost all the money right before I quit my job and moved across the country for my boyfriend of 6 years and he gave up on me when I couldn’t pay the rent and cried all day under the stress… The scam happened in May and I m now stuck in a foreign county with an alcoholic homicidal maniac because I had nowhere else to go.

  19. The spam email I received today said it was sent by “UK Cannabis News – Therese M.” (But of course the sender can choose whatever name they like when sending an email). The domain name the email was sent from, along with the link they were trying to get people to click was “”

    The footer of the email said: “Message has been sent from IP address on behalf of MARKETING ME LTD, 64 Derwent Close, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV21 1JX, United Kingdom.” (But I’m sure this is probably phoney anyway).

    Thought I should post this info here so people searching for reviews of this fake seller will hopefully find this page.

    Think this is another scam, I’ve just been done out of over £200! Paid by PayPal and when checkefbthr recipient was guy in Cameroon! Be careful
    People. Anyone else had dealings with them??

  21. Seriously … admin you need to stop/remove these posts.
    Having watched and monitored this post (and being an early victim of mellow cannabis) there lower forms of life forms trying to scam people on here.
    Problem is the same scammers can create multiple anonymous users accounts e.g Sammy/Magic Dragon have been outed for scamming people on here.

    • I am not sure what your problem is. There were 2 comments at 12.02 and 12.05 from the same scammer trying to sell their cr@p. I received email notification & deleted them by 12.10. You posted at 12.12
      I cannot be in front of a computer constantly monitoring for comments. The spam filter is pretty good and about 85% of these scammers get caught immediately. Obviously I can’t have an extremely high spam filter due to the nature of this blog, with malware, scams & phishing as the subject.

        • I did try setting everything to be vetted first, but that reduced the numbers of people commenting. with the fast pace of malware, scams & phishing, we need to be flexible & give a way for victims to report problems quickly and easily.

          It is difficult setting a balance between reporting about a problem, scam or malware and being a part of the problem that actually results in helping to spread a scam or malware.

  22. i have been scammed by weed cast med, tey took £120 for some edible chews, with a £10 delivery. when it was shipped they told me i had to insure the delivery for £400 and i would get a £396 credit when the product is delivered. I realised it was scam and asked them to refund me my money and then got fobbed off. Stay well clear they operate from Manchester.

      • I have lost absolutely everything as a result of this scam. I have aspergers syndrome, several chronic health conditions and am in constant pain. I accepted the offer after a week of being harassed by a dealer because I was about to go into surgery and knew I couldn’t stomach the painkillers. I wasn’t even prescribed anything when they discharged me. I lost my home, my long term partner, my sanity (I have attempted suicide and self harmed. didn’t eat for two weeks), most of my possessions. I lost all the money right before I quit my job and moved across the country for my boyfriend of 6 years and he gave up on me when I couldn’t pay the rent and cried all day under the stress… Since then I ended up in a serious domestic violence situation after gin to stay with family and now I am a domestic servant and sex slave to keep a roof over my head. I lost over £1500 that I WORKED HARD to save to get away from abuse, lost the money then ended up being abused all over again.

  23. Ukweedonline are scammers took £250 of me yesterday now don’t reply to anything they are all over Twitter, what I find really strange is my mate used them and it worked however they scammed me just don’t get it

  24. hxxps://cannabisbuds[.]uk/. Is also a scam

    Got £75 out of me before asking for another £150 to do with security insurance (of which £149 would be refundable).

    Claimed a company courier called parcel12togo[.]uk was courier & they email you from parcel12togo@gmail[.]com

    Real company (in Bolton) is They use their Addy in fakke website and update your delivery status as you question order status

    • I also got scammed by I paid with an amazon gift card and then got an email saying the parcel was coming from John Martines
      12 Guild Street LONDON NW2 7NR
      078 4956 1189
      Then got an email saying I need to pay £150 and 99% was refundable and I said I don’t have £150 to receive the parcel and they emailed back saying “Get in touch with your sender.” And they’re not responding to their emails🙄 got finessed for a £90 gift card

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