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  1. Unfortunately my wife has just opened this email and the attachement…. my Threatfire immediately detected and put the item into the storage and deleted. Now my AVG is telling me that my “Email Scanner is not Fully Functional”

    Can you please advise me as how to fix this.

    Frank Dawson

  2. Received same Email dated 11-9-2014 1008 hrs OBviously didn’t open.
    Please Please PLEASE tell everyone you know….DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING ION EMAILS YOU ARE NOT EXPECTING !!!!!

    Simple really, after 38 years of using Email ….Remember Telecom Gold ???? ; I have learned many things.

    It is shocking to see how naiive people can STILL be these days.

    My Online Security…. Thanks for putting this one up.

    Stay safe everyone…they’re ALL out to get you !!!!!

    • Having ordered a replacement fridge door today I was expecting an email so one from “m&m kitchen appliances” seemed perfectly normal!

      Once opened do you know if they can access previously entered passwords or only ones entered after they have gained access?


  3. Hi,

    Unfortunately I just clicked on this attachment on my iPhone (silly, I know!)…. is there anything I should do to prevent any hacking/bugs?

    Many thanks,


  4. Ive opened this bug on the samsung s5. although i only clicked preview instead of download? My AVG has picked up nothing when scanning, so i assume i’ll be ok?

  5. Many thanks for this. Suspected it was a dodgy email so researched the address which then led me on to your site. Thanks for the warning (although your phraseology was a bit childish-maybe you are a young American, but who cares!) I refrained from opening it, deleted & “trashed”. Happy to be an Apple! Keep up the good work, will have to bookmark you. well done!

  6. First thing first. If you ever see an email about an invoice or a courier package , please make sure you verify the sender and think if you are really expecting and invoice or package. If you think it’s a scam please delete the email straight away and if you are kind enough then please tell others by posting on site like this.

    Secondly, if you think it’s suspicious, then please do a google search under the senders domain. Just to check if there is any record of scamming from that particular domain. In this case the domain is “”.

    Thirdly, What if you have already clicked on it? If you have a paid version of any Anti-Spyware/Anti-Virus/Internet protection Applicaiton/Software please run a full scan. “Avast” has a free version and it catches these like a charm. Microsoft has good Malware protection tool as well that you can find on WIndows 7/8. If they are unable to clean the spyware/ransomware , You can download “Malware Bytes”.

    Fourthly, few tips when using internet. If you use Firefox/Chrome then please go to the addon/extention section and download “Ad-block plus” and “Better Popup blocker” extensions. For chrome you have to have a google account and you need to sign in before downloading the extensions. For Internet Explorer, Just google adblock plus and you can download and install the windows version. With proper adblocker and popup blocker you will minimize your risk of getting affected by almost 98% with the combination of an Anti-spyware.

    If you are an advanced user and like to play around with technology, then please try to encrypt your internet traffic and use Tor browser.

    If you still need help then please post here I will try my best to help you. Thank you.

    Dr. Pain

  7. Hi, Ive just opened the attachment and opened the file that was in the .zip file. I usually delete these, but knowing that my mum who had just made purchases for new kitchen appliances lately, I somehow thought she gave them my email address.

    Anyways, what can i do now to minimize any sort of harm that may occur?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi, I unfortunately opened this email as I was expecting an email like this. Can I change passwords on my computer, or do I have to change things on a different computer so my password changes are not seen?

    • Make sure any malware on the computer is cleared up first, then change passwords on this computer. You can use a different computer to change them first, but do it again after you have cleaned up fully

  9. Hi there,

    I unfortunately received the same email and opened it up on my Samsung Galaxy s4 using Outlook. I have since deleted the .zip file and have run a full scan using AVG with the scan saying nothing was found. Could someone please advise if my phone is at risk by any chance please??? Im worried about my password due to the fact that an app on my phone os linked to my bank account. Any help is greatly appreciated.


    • All the malware that I have seen so far is windows specific so shouldn’t affect a blackberry phone. I don’t actually know of any currently mass spreading malware for blackberry, although there are no doubt specifically targeted malwares that will be sent to an individual user in a company for espionage purposes.

  10. I received it this am and tried to open the attachment twice without success.After discussion with my son I deleted the message and turned off my computer pending learning how to scan my harddrive.I have Windows 8.Will I be infected by clicking on the attachment without opening it?
    Many thanks

    • if you didn’t open the zip attachment and run the file inside, you should be safe. Windows 8 won’t let unknown or malicious files run without you giving it express permission

  11. I stupidly clicked on this but didn’t opent the attachement so should be fine but it seems to have affected Windows Explorer as it now wont work (or even load) properly! I’m running Windows 8.1 so should be ok I guess!

  12. Thanks you so much for this article – I just received the same email which had been diverted to my Junk folder and the Zip file removed so I was immediately alerted to the risk. Appreciate the advice on hidden file extensions which I’ve immediately implemented.

  13. I have just deleted this email from this fake ‘company’ with out opening the zip file. My computer/passwords should be okay, should’nt they? My concern is that I ordered a small kitchen appliance on line Saturday 13/09, could they have picked up my email address from transaction or is it just a coincidence?

  14. I just received this and it was immediately sent to my junk mail, thank goodness i googled the email address and luckily got this page. How do they get our email addresses though?

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