Les Mills Invoice – Word doc malware — 10 Comments

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the great work you do in publishing this information and educating the general public. Although I agree that most companies allegedly sending the spam are innocent, there may be some benefit in alerting them to the situation. Most spam filters run an SPF (sender policy framework) check, so if Les Mills’ ISP were to add an SPF record to their DNS entry, this would help prevent spoofing.

    Presumably Les Mills are unhappy at spam being sent in their name and would do whatever it takes to prevent it in future.


  2. I thought this was a genuine email from Less Mills. As I am a member I opened the attached and enabled the Macros as instructed!

    What can I do not to remove thie virus?

    Thanks for any help or assistnace you can give with this.

  3. If the scans aren’t detecting it now, then you aren’t infected and the macro didn’t download the additional malware

    What makes you think that you are infected. Just receiving the email doesn’t infect you

  4. i opened the attachment (it opened in note pad) and my machine started to slur which I recognised from past experience. the response of the machine was very slow. did a scan and it found nothing but after a couple of restarts my machine seems back to normal ie programmes loading at the normal speed.

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