Invoice (w/e 070216) Kelly Pegg – word doc malware — 4 Comments

  1. I received this e-mail sent by Kelly Pegg containing virus of course I never open the word file attached.
    Last week I received pleinty similar mail.
    I think the only way to stop these mail is to change my adress
    I would to know why my antivirus is not able to stop them ( I have AVAST)
    best regards

  2. Our company got a few of these email that our ISP’s security system didn’t detect or blocked these. some users has opened them and they said that the
    browser and a few other were not responding properly, i just check and all the word documents had macros disabled, So does that mean that the PCs are
    secure and OK?.

    I ran our anti-virus on the PC and Spy-bot and they both haven’t found anything. Can we be relieved that the PCs are not infected?.

    Best Regards

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