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  1. I just got a similar e-mail. Does anybody have the ability to track these robbers??

    from: Lucy Tamlyn
    This is Ambassador Lucy Tamlyn the US Ambassador to Benin,
    I am hereby to let you know that I shall be coming to Washington DC tomorrow morning for an official meeting with the president Mr. Donald Trump
    which will take place next week Wednesday by noon.,

    I am pleased to update you that I was handed your two consignment boxes this morning by the U.S Embassy in Benin Republic to deliver to you immediately I get to the states, Note that I am not a diplomat delivery agent but a senior worker of the States but on a foreign assignment in Benin republic, View below link to find out more about me (

    Note that the boxes am in possession of worth $36 Million US Dollars each plus an ATM VISA CARD and this consignment boxes was locked with top official key to avoid break attempt, also noted that Before I can proceed to your home address tomorrow I will need below info from you,

    Full Name:
    Your Work:
    Your Picture:

    Furthermore upon the receptions of the above data completely I shall proceed to your home address immediately i got in before proceeding to the white house for the conference. Nevertheless we need your boxes and ATM VISA CARD ownership certificates and other backup documentations from the origin of the boxes Benin Republic, to avoid Homeland Security and FBI issues as soon as i got in, However I was told by they chief judge of justice who will grant me my request that the documents shall be provided to me today before i leave tomorrow morning my time here but it will cost the owner of the files $200 to obtain it,

    I was told that it will cost you the sum $200 because of the large amount of money involved in the documents. Like I told you I am not a delivery agent, So if you want me to be the one to deliver this boxes and card to you without troubles and delays as senior worker of the states i have an advantage over the top securities in the states then you have to try your possible best and send the money today to the information i shall provide to you after i hear from you today.

    Finally i will leave tomorrow morning and i will deliver the boxes and the card to you before i proceed to Washington for the meeting, because i am expected back to Benin by Thursday latest so failure to complete your delivery tomorrow means that i will not deliver it again so you must do everything possible to make sure you send the money today, I urge you to work on the Ownership Certificates charge because if you option out on paying it then I will have no choice than to leave it behind. I will also accompany you to your bank or any bank that you want to deposit the money without any question.

    Thanks for your kind attention and be bless
    Respectfully yours,
    Lucy Tamlyn..
    Emails:( )
    US Ambassador to Benin Republic

  2. I also recieved such emails can anyone find out if it is legit

    Greeting from U.S Embassy,



    I’m Lucy Tamlyn From U.S embassy Benin Republic, I was newly appointed as ambassador to Benin Republic and in 2015 , since i resumed work i have been going round the clock to do my duty in line with the constitution of united state of america,i wanted to inform you that i saw your name in one of the files here with some payment details which you made to receive December 2015, but i was looking for your email address until i saw it on 4th of january 2018.

    So i decided to contact you to let you know about your fund and to know the reason why the formal ambassador Mr.Michael Raynor who left this office did not allowed you to received your fund, I decided to write you if you may still be interested to get your fund through the power of this office and i know that something went wrong or maybe they demanded so much money from you which you are unable to pay but i will try my best as a new appointed ambassador to Benin Republic and i will make sure that you receive your fund through wire transfer this time around to avoid any story again.

    I was so shocked when i saw your name here and you are very lucky that he did not clean away your name which means that i can still locate you through your email address and i’m so sorry for whatever has happened and how much you spent in the past but be rest assured that i will never disappoint you like Mr.Michael Raynor did. all i need from you now is to re-confirm your contact address and your bank details where you will like to receive your fund and all it will cost you is $98 to renew your Certificate of ownership with your payment file, and you are paying the$98 to the attorney who will do the work so that i can put my signature to enable you receive your $15.9m after all the delays.

    Please fill this with your contact details and write back to me if you are still interested to receive your fund,

    Your full name………….
    Your Country and City address…………….
    Your Home address……………… …………….
    Your age and occupation…………… ……………
    Your private phone number and sex………………..
    Single or married………………

    I will wait to hear from you as soon as you receive this email and write back to me

    PHONE :+229 66682720

    • It is a complete scam. Just delete it, forget about it & move on. Do not reply to the criminals sending these to you and definitely don’t think about sending the $98 to the fake attorney

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