Freelance translator from English into Russian and Ukrainian. is it a 0 day malware? or just spam — 3 Comments

  1. I suspect just spam. I have had a look at the CV Word doc and can’t see anything malicious inside it. May just be someone naive enough to think that spamming can get you a job.

    • now received round about 100 copies in past 24 hours
      must just be spam, No one can find any malicious content in the word doc, but it is unusual spam and is typical for an exploit delivery method. I am just going to monitor & see if they are going to change the doc attachment to a malicious one. It wouldn’t be the first time that the malware gangs have sent out innocent attachments for a couple of days, either by mistake or to lull everybody into a false sense of security and then hit hard. I do see loads of fake resume / CV applications. Normally larger word doc file sizes. And they do all have what looks like genuine details inside them ( although normally using macros )

  2. Address, phone numbers, mail domain is Ukrainian and look believable. In addition, there are a number of ads on job search sites: and
    One thing: the personal data in the specified social network account do not coincide with those specified in the letter: indicated by Alexander Aleksandrovich Vlachno…

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