Final payment request fake HMRC demand leads to malware — 6 Comments

  1. Oh dear, I think I’ve been conned into installing the HMRC linked Malware. I am a small business and thought the E-mail re. non-payment of taxes was genuine as it came from a HMRC online address.The attachment said click on “enable editing” from the yellow bar and then click on ” enable contents”. My computer allowed me to click on “enable editing” but no “enable contents” opened for me to click on.Do you think the fact I was not able to open ” enable contents” has saved me or has the malware been installed after I clicked on ” enable editing?

  2. Thanks for your reply. I have tried to send you the attachment but it is too big. I’m not very computer literate I’m afraid. I will try the online scan you suggest. I’m scanning all my files by running Avira Antivirus Pro at the moment.

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