Fake Your Virgin Media bill is ready malspam delivers Dridex banking Trojan — 6 Comments

  1. Luckily, I’m not with Virgin Media, so I checked it out befor opening it. However, I’d like to know why I’m being charged £353, and the screenshot is only being charged £73! I feel like making a complaint!!

  2. I received this today – looks exactly like the normal email I get from Virgin but the amount seemed a bit high so I clicked on the ‘view bill’ link and it downloaded a .ps file. Don’t know anything much about viruses/malware but has this therefore already infected my computer (a Mac) or would I need to have run something from this downloaded document to have that happen? I just deleted it as soon as I saw that it wasn’t a normal link to the website. If it is infected does anyone know what to do? Cheers.

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