fake Online Payments Receipt using we transfer to deliver a banking trojan — 4 Comments

  1. Hello, i received the mail today and downloaded the zip file on my mac computer.
    I thought it was a document from a payment i made for a booking in Canada.

    So i opened the zip file!

    Because nothing happened i found it strange and trow it away.
    I started searching the internet and i found this post.
    Immediately i cut of my internet connection hoping this would prevent from worser…

    30 min later i received an text message to go to the website from SYNIVERSE.COM, i should use my cellphone nr to log in,…
    i didn’t do it….

    Is this the cause of the malware?

    Does the zipfile work on a MAC?
    How can i clean it?

    Many thanks for the publishing of the article and hoping for an answer,

    Ludo Vangenechten

  2. It shouldn’t run on a mac
    The .js files might work on a mac but the downloaded files are windows specific

    I think the text was just a coincidence

  3. Thanks,

    so the opening of the wetransfer files, that looked after opening like a random textfile with a lot of codes, shouldn’t affect my mac?
    I already changed some passwords to be sure.


    Ludo Vangenechten

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