Fake Lloyds Bank “Case Number: 238963BACS” delivers Trickbot — 2 Comments

  1. When I tried to access my online LLoyds Bank account, I received this “fraud warning.” This happens when I try to log in at the top right of the screen where it just says “log on.”  It does not happen when I log on down the right side of the screen, where it says “Log on to Internet Banking.”  Apparently this warning is issued by PhishTank, whatever this is.  But I can access my online account fine on my mobile phone and Lloyds Bank tells me to ignore this.  What’s the situation and what do you propose?

  2. I have no problems accessing lloyds with Chrome, firefox or Internet explorer.  It is likely to be either your antivirus scanning SSl connections and Opera thinking that it is diverting you to a fake site because of this, or you have an infection on the computer that is also intercepting banking connections.

    Because only 1 log in link is giving the warning, I would suspect a banking trojan that only intercepts certain links

    A bank should never tell you to ignore any warning when logging into their site.

    You can ask for help on or

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