Fake HMRC “Unsuccessful submission for Reference 475-VB22516” fails to deliver anything to many recipients — 16 Comments

    • That is because the certificate on the site has expired. Whoever looks after the website needs to log into her control panel & update the lets encrypt certificate which I thought was supposed to automatically renew itself. It is absolutely nothing to do with opening the attachment to this malware email

  1. Hi, I had been submitting PAYE / RTI to HMRC . I received one of these emails, opened it and clicked on the link on my iphone. Do you think that I have been compromised? Thankyou, I hope everyone else has managed to remove any malaware.

    • It is unlikely to affect an IPhone. From what I can see & find out, the js files “might” download & possibly run on an Iphone but very unlikely. The banking trojan is windows specific so definitely won’t run on a Mac, IPhone or anything except a windows computer

  2. Hi,

    I stupidly clicked on this. Realised straight away it was dodgy and closed it. Just a blank screen appeared, I didn’t enter any details or download anything. I have ran several AV scans since on both MacAfee and Malwareby and nothing has been detected. Should I be OK?

    • If it was just a blank screen then don’t worry. you haven’t been infected. You need to actually download & run the js file that pops up to download to be infected

  3. I opened email as I submitted tax return two days ago. Did these people know that or is it just co-incidence. I clicked on the link, but just got grey screen. Does this mean I am safe? I have a double router, and hence a double firewall. Also I use linux, so should have been warned of any downloads, but am I just being complacent!

  4. As with the others I had been submitting to HMRC the day before and I clicked on this link. It said page no longer exists. Am I safe from infection?

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