Fake HMRC “Accelerated payment notice ” delivers Trickbot via Microsoft Equation Editor and file link updater exploits — 5 Comments

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  2. I received one of these emails and noticed that the “to” email address is one that I use only for the Sunday Times Wine Club. I have received other phishing emails, purporting to come from banks (Lloyds, NatWest), at this email address also, so I assume there has been a leak at Sunday Times Wine Club. Perhaps I should report them to the Data Protection Regulator?

  3. I received one of these, I do in fact owe HMRC some money and the amount shown in the fake notice matched exactly what I owe. However it was a fake notice (it had the same return email and ref: number as the fake) and I wonder if somebody with access to the HMRC databases is responsible.

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