fake Google Drive shared documents notification — 3 Comments

  1. Create an array of repeated bull$hit
    Dim YjTSiZmghfKGjuHIOUgwPJyjRzQlQZeSD
    Undo some shit
    For Each YjTSiZmghfKGjuHIOUgwPJyjRzQlQZeSDLvOQOLSfSZe In split(YjTSiZmghfKGjuHIOUgwPJ,”!”)
    Subtract 12 from everything you actually want to execute
    YjTSiZmghfKGjuHIOUgwPJyjRzQlQZeSD = YjTSiZmghfKGjuHIOUgwPJyjRzQlQZeSD & ChrW(YjTSiZmghfKGjuHIOUgwPJyjRzQlQZeSDLvOQOLSfSZe – “12”)
    or ’12’ in ascii
    Execute YjTSiZmghfKGjuHIOUgwPJyjRzQlQZeSD is the mutton.
    Still working on the numbers!numbers!numbers! you put in there

  2. Decoded 51,72,103,44,74,74,44,84,57,99,123,126,121,44,92,120,129,127,44,136,44,94,113,90,81,99,44,130,113,126,127,117,123,122,44,110,133,44,89,113,123,85,96,44,72,72,44,105,74,25,22,51,44,44,44,72,103,44,77,112,112,44,82,129,122,111,128,117,123,122,127,44
    Subtracting 12 gives
    ‘> H-Worm Plus | ReNEW version by MeoIT <

    ‘ <[ Add Functions

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