Fake You Have Delayed Mails From EBay – Pharma Spam

Mail Spam

Following on from the recent fake Google Hangouts, Fake Facebook Messages and fake personal message from Gmail messages we are now seeing fake < Your name >, You have delayed mails from eBay.

In exactly the same way as The Fake Facebook Messages, these fake Ebaymessages appear to come from eBayNotifier but are being sent by one of the botnets and not by Ebay at all. These only have 1 link in them unlike the previous which normally have 2 links in them, that if you are unwise enough to click on them will either take you to a Women’s Health page trying to sell you fake drugs for slimming or other women’s problems. Other days they send you to one of the Canadian or Russian Pharmacy pages selling Viagra, valium or other illegal drugs.

Todays offerings are to a Canadian Pharma spam site

Always hover over the links in these emails and you will see that they do not lead to Ebay . Do not click on the links, just delete the emails as soon as they arrive.

There is always the very high possibility that one of the other botnets will use these to send you to a malicious site where your computer will be infected, rather than trying to scam you out of money by selling fake medicines that could kill you.

Email text will say something like

Your name,

You have delayed mail

View mails

Yours truly

The actual email looks like this

You have delayed mails from eBay

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