Fake Danske Bank “FW: Incoming transfer Ref – DNSK32890209 ” delivers Trickbot — 1 Comment

  1. this guy is cheater


    Terry Klamerus <>

    Dear  Mehmet Bayram,
    We honor to inform you that we had received the transfer of ( €3.100.00 EUR ) been paid to you by Mr. Terry Klamerus for an Auction of item(s) and the payment has been Processed and Consequently been.
    The fund will be released in cash to the account below, Please verify that the account info (As entered by the sender) is correct:

    Transaction ID

    Full Name:
    Mehmet Bayram

    IBAN Number:

    Item Name:
    Zeıss Vıctory V8 4.8-35X60


    We have finished the procedure of the transferring of the full payment to your bank account but you have to ship out the item and send us the tracking number, for your shipment verification so that we can activate your bank account and the full payment of ( €3.100.00 EUR ) will be transfer to your account from Danske ® Bank directly to your bank account.
    Information And Procedure For The Seller & Buyer

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