Fake voice message malspam delivers Locky Ransomware — 5 Comments

  1. Message Server

    26 Sep at 12:33 AM

    25/09/2017, 18:32:50 PM
    11,4-second message deposited by 02099584158

    Attachments cannot be downloaded.Learn more
    Voice Message(02099584158

  2. I received an ‘invoice email’ at the beginning of the month. It’s similar to the one you have spoken about but from ‘Barrington Hall’ asking me to call regarding an invoice. I’m guessing there’s a high chance it’s one of the locky emails you have spoken about here.

    • It is very possible, but without seeing the email or invoice, it is hard to be definite.
      I doubt it is Locky, but very possibly some other malware or ransomware. If they are asking you to phone then watch out for scams rather than delivering malware.

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