fake – Your Cancellation (127-3451-3158) spam weight loss pill scam — 1 Comment

  1. The one we got recently seemed to originate from a DigitalOcean IP, and the infected URL in it was linked to another IP registered to DigitalOcean.
    Besides that the links in the spams will have nothing to do with the supposed sender, and the emails are sent to an address that we don’t use for Amazon/FedEx/Gmail/etc., all of these “undelivered package/messages waiting/etc.” spams have nonsense words and random numbers salted through the headers. There are usually three lines tucked in, maybe randomly, between the other lines of information in the headers, but we’ve seen just one or two lines, usually consisting of two unrelated words and a string of numbers.
    What the spammer thinks that will accomplish, we don’t know, unless maybe it’s to track who is sending SpamCop reports about the spams. (We always delete those lines, so that idea won’t work for Mr. Spammer.)

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