failed malware delivery using spoofed Abax UK Invoice malspam emails — 4 Comments

  1. Hi, They used my company’s email address and I have been getting a bunch of returned undelivered emails (reason cited – malware/spam). Is there anyway I can protect my company’s email address from this happening again. I also note that now my IP address is listed in a number of spam databases.

    • make sure you are using SPF & DKIM email authentication to help avoid the problems. Consider using DMARC that tells receiving email servers to auto-delete mail that doesn’t pass SPF or DKIM. If your IP address is listed in spam databases, then it is very likely that your email server was actually sending this & other spam /malware. Whether via an open relay or whether from another vulnerability on the server. You need to call in an expert to sort it out

  2. I received an email from them on the 22nd and never opened it. Today, the 24th I received a call from my bank letting me know of fraudulent activity on my account. The charges on the account were done in the UK. So I was checking my email tonight again saw this one and saw UK. Thai is a bit odd bc I do live in the states. It could be a coincidence, just thought it was a bit odd.

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