Emailing: Image15.jpg malspam using HTA files delivers Locky ransomware — 2 Comments

  1. Amazingly, we seem to have more legitimate email coming in this week than malspams.
    I’d love to post a graph but I don’t see and option for that 🙂

    I also got one of this variety in to my personal domain that nobody emails. Well done malspammers but that’s not an email address.
    I was going to reverse the hta then thought… why bother. If you don’t block .hta attachments it’s your own fault if they get you.

  2. Received a phishing spam that used the data:text//base64 trick yesterday. If you are reading this, plonker, we also have access to wget and python and can decode the real URL, This idiot left his zip file behind, and in the source code, is behind this.

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