Eliza Fernandes NUCSOFT-Payroll December 2014 – Word doc malware — 12 Comments

  1. Hi,

    Thank you very much for this post; I just got this malicious email today and was glad to find advice so soon! I own a mac but I have a question. I accidentally downloaded the file. I tried to preview it but it downloaded instead (normally, I am given the option to preview). I did not open it, but deleted it right away and then cleared my trash. I think I may have received a similar email previously, and in that case I did (stupidly) open the document, which was a blank page, and then I THINK I deleted it but am not sure. If I have not deleted that document from the first email, is there a chance it will cause damage later on, i.e. does it leave me vulnerable in any way even though the code itself doesn’t do anything to macs? I am feeling paranoid. Thanks!

  2. Hi

    Just got this email and thought it suspicious but was awaiting stuff from payroll, clicked on ‘not sure let me check’ option to view, then tried to view doc online, which was denied, so thought I’d look it up and found this page. How can I check I have not downloaded the virus? I have searched for the file above and nothing came back. I have windows 7


  3. Hi,
    just received this, very nasty since I had recently had a long conversation and had to play around with paye records recently. Thank heavens the information here was posted, a heart felt thank you.

  4. this is the second type of email from this recipient, fortunately i’m a bit suspicious of anyone emailing that i dont recognise, so thought i would look up the company and found this page………. great work you’re doing! thank you for the heads up, hate to think of the problems it could have caused me.

  5. I am using Windows Mail for that particular account. When I try to delete it i get a message saying ‘An unkonwn error has occured’ if I try to delete it from the tool bar I get a message saying ‘The message cannot be deleted’

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