DoubleClick Advertising network XSS vulnerability — 14 Comments

  1. I think what they are saying is, IF you are the owner/manager/webmaster of a website that uses Double Click for Publishers to serve ads on your website, AND you have installed a third-party app/plug-in to enable DFP, you should ensure that the vendor you used is none of the ones listed. You can probably tell by looking over the files in your website directory. If you find a match for any of the files listed, you should find a different way of showing your ads, as these “vendor files” have been identified as having a vulnerability that can pose a risk to your site or your site’s visitors.

    I know I’ve said pretty much the same thing as the original email, but perhaps my wording helps explain it. (If I’m even right). If I’m wrong, someone should respond with a better explanation.

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