The next in the series of today’s Locky ransomware delivery malspam emails is Documents from Purple Office – IN00051913 has not been hacked or had their email or other servers compromised. They are not sending the emails to you. They are just innocent victims in exactly the same way as every recipient of these emails.

The email looks like:

From: Jen < [email protected] >

Date: Mon 15/08/2021 14:18

Subject: Documents from Purple Office – IN00051913

Attachment: 8EB206DBCEE4896993C3664FB4618A46.docm

Body Content:

Please find attached invoice/credit from Purple Office.

Best regards,

Purple Office

Delivers an updated Locky ransomware version from the same locations as THIS earlier post & at least one new one ( or at least previously undiscovered) ( VirusTotal) ( MALWR) (VirusTotal)