Confirmation of Order Number fake PDF malware — 16 Comments

  1. strangely it looks like they’ve actually forgotten to attach the virus….ive received a few of these with no attachment and also no links to download a payload?

  2. All of the ones I have received have had an attachment. Hopefully your mail server is up to date and deleting the malicious attachments. Or your antivirus is doing it. At least you are being protected from them

  3. Many thanks for posting this so quickly as I got one of these this morning. I think I am normally quite savvy about emails of this nature but it does look genuine and the box office is genuine which prompted me to call my bank.

  4. Shame, I was looking forward to driving all the way from Cardiff to the retirement capital of the south, with two truculent teenagers to make them sit through this.
    My email had no attachments either

  5. Hay Guys, just received one of these email now.
    Thanks for this link was in my horrors to think someone had stolen or cloned my card!
    No attachment to open thankfully. Seem to be having loads of fake emails recently. Think I will change it after this!
    Really appreciate it!

  6. I did click on some of the links provided but never saw a zip or PDF attachment. Does the virus work on the attachments? Also, I looked at my account on line shortly after. Could my account be in jeopardy?

  7. Damm you got the same seat numbers as me same time/date. Mine too did not have a payload attachment but was identical you yours.
    it was a randomized email address to my domain

  8. Yes, I received one of these at work yesterday, it looks quite genuine but I knew it was a fake and sent a copy of it to Bournemouth Pavilion to make them aware of it.

  9. I received one this morning and opened the zipped file, but did not open the attachment. Does anyone know if this will have effected my computer or do I have to open the attachment within the zipped file for the virus to work?

  10. Glad that I always check first re strange e-mails from unknown sources ! Why even take a chance by opening the zip file ???? Why open anything ???? Why click on anything ????

    Checked the BH Live website and the News first. Deleted immediately this phishing virus e-mail. Imagine, I am in Phoenix, Arizona USA and these scammers are trying to get us , too.

  11. “Why even take a chance by opening the zip file ???? Why open anything ???? Why click on anything ???? ”

    Why turn on computer? Why leave house? Why get up in morning?

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