Chelsee Gee ucblinds Please print – word doc malware — 5 Comments

  1. UC Blinds is our company, the chaos this caused us Monday morning was a nightmare. I would like to thank you for your blog explaining this to people. The emails, social posts and showroom phone was ringing off the hook!! Most people were brilliant, but we did have some that was abusive. Some people automatically assumed we had been hacked or were doing it for some advertising gain!!
    We posted it on our FB page, Twitter and Website within 30 minutes and have replied to every email and phone call we received. As a small company, it literally took us off line for 2-3 days. Its been a week now and we’re still getting phone calls and emails. My only advice to anyone that gets hit like this is to put a notice on your website and social media…its stopped a lot of people getting in touch and most that saw it, were grateful. We’ve now updated our SPF and hopefully we won’t get hit again…

    • Unfortunately, you are not the first victim of these and you definitely won’t be the last one. These scum pick on any innocent small company where they have found an invoice or other email from the company, normally on an infected/ compromised computer they have control of. They don’t care or even think about what damage they cause to your company or any other company, provided they can infect more users and get money from them.

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