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This site contains information about Malware, viruses, scams, phishing etc.  There will often be examples and lists of infected or compromised sites. Be aware that some Antiviruses or web filters might mark this site as containing dangerous or unsuitable material. As far as we are able, we make sure that ONLY plain text examples, excerpts or images from the malware examples are posted. Several web filters will still flag these. They are safe.

This blog will help keep you up to date with windows updates, security warnings, currently spreading email spoofs & malware and my general thoughts about the online world today and how to  keep yourself safe online and not become a victim

  • Are you frustrated with your computer?
  • Do you want to do this when the computer won’t work properly?

Don’t get all worked up, Don’t panic, Don’t get upset.

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  • Do you have any problems with malware, viruses or trojans?
  • Is your computer plagued with pop ups?
  • Do you get diverted to wrong sites when searching?

For help with these and any other malware related computer problems visit the computer help and malware cleaning forum:  

There are several affiliate links to programs or companies throughout the site. I only link to programs I use and trust myself and to companies that I use personally.

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Share This with your friends and contacts. Help THEM to stay safe:


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  1. Thanks for this site and the work you are doing. I have just received the ‘’ thought if was possible a fake or malware etc searched for ‘safilo’ and found you. I would have delayed any way and run my malware programme but your warning has ensured that I do it next.
    Thank you.