A new blackmail scam “!!!Attantion WannaCry-Team!!!” — 7 Comments

  1. Yep, got one today exactly like this, on my PC at work! Instinctively thought it was bunkum but worried the longer I thought about it. Glad to have it confirmed as spam….phew!

  2. Received one exactly like your example, thought it was a scam, thanks for confirming. I had the porn scams as well, just treated them with the contempt they deserve.

  3. Full list of subject lines I’ve seen –

    !!!Attantion Wannacry!!!
    !!!Attantion WannaCrypt!!!
    !!!Warning WannaCry!!!
    !Attantion WannaCry!
    !Attantion WannaCrypt!
    !Wannacry Attantion!
    !WannaCry-Team Attantion!
    !Warning Wanna-Cry!
    Attantion WannaCry-Team
    Attantion WannaCry-Team!!!
    Attantion Wannacrypt
    Attantion Wannacrypt!
    Wanna-Cry Attantion!
    Wanna-Cry Attantion!!!
    Wannacry Attantion!
    WannaCry Attantion!!!
    WannaCry-Team Attantion
    WannaCry-Team Attantion!!!
    WannaCrypt Attantion
    Warning WannaCry!
    Warning WannaCry!!!
    Warning Wannacrypt!!!

  4. Ditto. The only thing that concerns me is that the email address that received the scam letter was one that has never had any spam in over 5 years. I never give it to anyone that I’m not 100% sure of. The closest thing I’ve ever done to using it publicly is using it on Google drive. So, just what have they hacked to get those addresses? Sounds like Google to me.

  5. Mine worded almost identically to the above examples arrived at 11:19 this morning headed !!!WannaCrypt Attantion!!!. Wasn’t sure about about whether a scam or not but relieved that I haven’t got to do an overdue reinstallation of my Linux OS just yet. Linux isn’t usually vulnerable to this type of attack but no OS is totally secure and it has made me look into this issue a bit deeper.

  6. I received the Wannacry e-mail yesterday, it is exactly as described above. I opened the e-mail on my lap top to read it – I then printed it out so I could check it out with our local Computer Whizz. The same e-mail was delivered to my Samsung Tablet, My Mobile Phone and my Wife’s iPad.I certainly did not reply to the e-mail on any of these devices – is it likely that some or all of them have been infected.

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